Education, education, education

Education, education, education.  It’s a political cliché but it’s so very true in any walk of life. Every day we should be pushing ourselves to learn . Life is about learning, stretching your mind and fulfilling potential. As we begin a new week, we should reflect on what new skills or information we learnt about last week and what are […]

Leading business and life coach all set to reveal the secrets of success with a series of workshops in Cardiff and London

Photo: Joy Ogeh-Hutfield As a renowned and recognised business and life coach Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, founder of Joy Transformation, has helped to shape the success of individuals and businesses around the world. Joy’s coaching services and workshops have earned her a multitude of accolades (including the coveted ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year Recognition Award’ and ‘Coaching Excellence Award’) as well as […]

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