Storytelling in the digital age

Storytelling has always been mankind’s means of communication ever since cave paintings were the original ‘social media’!

But what do content marketers mean when they talk about storytelling, such as in this recent article from Copyblogger for example? You have probably seen this phrase crop up a lot in recent years.

Storytelling is an effective way of engaging with your audience. In marketing, advertising and PR, it’s the domain where creative (storytelling) integrates with science (data measurement).

As digital marketing overtakes traditional marketing methods, the drive for digital storytelling goes hand in hand with the way consumers use digital media and tech, in a world of 24/7 social media with numerous brands competing for consumers’ attention.

“Storytelling is a social phenomenon in all senses of the word and passing on stories is what we do” writes Business Insider’s Rachel Gillett in this FastCompany blog. “Numerous stories over the years have proven that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than the cold, hard facts”

Top brands (Virgin, Coke, Disney, Nike) have a proven track record of harnessing this science to their advantage through content marketing than focuses on the story.

Writing for i-scoop, digital marketing and business consult JP De-Clerck outlines three reasons for storytelling:

  1. Making a lasting emotional connection
  2. To inspire and engage with a focus on the customer’s story and personality
  3. To be better than the best answer

A creative approach to your brand should be personalised, contextualised and engaging, measured by efficient use of data management tools.

What makes a good story for your brand? Your story must be unique to you, your brand and the customer experience you are offering.

Your story must also match your content and manage consumer expectations realistically – we looked the other week at how a major pitfall of many marketers is overselling.

Put simply, good stories get shared, and consumers and marketers alike have more channels with which to do so. This is what social sharing and viral marketing is all about.

Brand storytelling should be a priority for your content marketing strategy.



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