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Our training specialists deliver a vast number of services under the M4 Media & Training umbrella, giving you the support and tools you need to unlock potential. We supply the following to brands of all sizes and niches:

ISM Endorsed Training Courses

Laurence is an entrepreneur that isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. After many years and career roles in the corporate world of advertising, publishing, automotive, medical sales and marketing, his business expertise is built on a foundation of pure experience, principles that he is keen to share with all of his clients.

His M4 training courses focus on seven main areas – sales, customer service, managing people, leadership, business development, marketing and presentation skills.

Laurence Winmill Workshop: Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something!

  • 1-day workshop
  • 9.30am to 3.30pm
  • £150.00 per delegate

Course Objectives and Key Learning Areas

I keep saying to business owners, C-suite executives, managers and employees that nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.

That’s the message of this workshop. Great organisations are those that understand people, create and adapt processes, and manage with empathy and leadership that inspires everyone in the business to work, breathe and share the core values that underpin everything the brand stands for.

Sales is all about people, and the messages focus on why selling is an emotional experience and the essential human characteristics needed to be successful. It’s not about glittering CVs or past reputation, it’s about what you believe and how persuasive and authentic your messages are during conversations between you and the client.

The structure and processes that keep the business on track are important parts of any organisation’s success. Having the right leaders in place that understand people, and live and breathe the visions and values of the company is another essential part of the machine.

Great people, processes that work and inspired leadership is what this workshop is all about. After the 1-day workshop, each delegate will have a good understanding of the following subjects which are all key areas in understanding the art of selling and how to convert presentations into real sales.

  • 9.00am Arrival for 9.30am Start
  • Understanding the psychology of selling and the characteristics of successful salespeople
  • Values
  • Communication styles & techniques
  • Understanding the sales funnel
  • Identifying the need
  • Questioning and probing the answer
  • Lunch 12.30pm to 1.00pm
  • Selling points and benefits
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing the sale
  • 3.30pm Close

To book your place on the 1-day Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something Workshop or for further information, please contact us today.

Laurence has built a reputation for delivering the very best advice regarding the core principles of selling, liaising with clients and managing people, and after various roles in sales and marketing, he can use his own experiences – which is an epic tale of highs and lows – to assist you in maximising sales performance and ultimately help you achieve your potential. As a credible expert and top performer, and unlike many professional business trainers, Laurence always practises what he preaches, and as a result of his honesty and integrity his workshops on personal development, leadership, change management, communication and emotional intelligence have been particularly well received.

All M4 training courses are tailored specifically to the clients’ needs and can vary from 3 hours to 3 days or a series of workshops spread over weeks and months. Subjects include the following and delegate rates start from £150.00:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • PR & Communications
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Managing People
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Business Planning

The delivery of M4 training services means your company can develop from within using industry approved, results driven techniques. Nigel Bloxham also offers Microsoft Training (including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Powerpoint), GDPR audits and training, and SAGE & Access accountancy training.

Media Training

Laurence Winmill is a media specialist with over 25 years’ experience in Publishing, PR, Advertising and Marketing services linked to the ever changing face of Media in the 21st century.

M4 Media provide training courses for businesses in the following areas. Training rates start from £300.00

  • Media Planning
  • Press Release construction and submission to Press
  • Advertising in the modern digital age.
  • Social Media
  • Writing great content

Dedicated Conference Facilitating

Hiring a dedicated conference facilitator to take care of every aspect of your upcoming corporate or private event is the secret weapon for many event organisers. Not only will hiring a conference facilitator take the pressure off you and your organisation in the run up to the event, it will also give you the time and confidence to enjoy your event with the rest of your audience on the day itself.

Using a mix of charisma, authority and authenticity, Laurence has been able to facilitate a number of events to ensure they are a success for each and every international and UK business he has worked with. In addition to helping with the organisation and execution of your entire event schedule, Laurence can add that much-needed credibility and gravitas to any event thanks to his range of specialist services.

Laurence has hosted regional, national or international conferences for a number of organisations across multiple industry sectors. His skills as a professional conference facilitator has helped his clients bridge the cultural and language gap to connect with audiences everywhere, and his service has taken him all over the world including to Copacabana Beach in Rio where he facilitated and chaired a three day sales conference for UNUM.

Hiring Laurence as your independent conference facilitator can unlock a number of advantages for businesses big and small. Save money and minimise hassle whilst maximising results with professional help from a truly accomplished and humble events specialist.

Motivational Speaker Services

Laurence has worked hard and gathered some valuable life experiences to become the brilliant people person and serial entrepreneur he is now. He prides himself on being a great motivator with an engaging attitude and infectious zest for life, skills and qualities that he is keen to pass on with his motivational speaker services.

With a career built on interactions with fellow industry professionals and clients plus great sales and marketing prowess, his motivational and keynote speaker services offer a no holds barred view on commercial and private success with Laurence’s memorable and significant experiences providing food for thought across a number of key business considerations. Whilst he admits to taking too many risks in the past, a tact that he can’t be certain he won’t take again, he no doubt has an amazing tale to tell and aims to use these captivating and real stories to help you grow professionally and personally.

Laurence has already assisted organisations in the UK and beyond with his motivational and keynote speaker services, including Legrand, National Association of Interior Specialists, Dunelm, Investors in People, Institute of Sales Management (ISM), Swansea City Football Club, Dole Food Company, Kings Group International Schools, Stoke City Football Club, Procter & Gamble, Marsden Grant International and Kellogg’s, and could help you achieve the lasting results you’ve been looking for.

Laurence is registered with a variety of keynote speaker agencies, such as the Australian Speakers Bureau, Saxton Speakers Bureau, London Speaker Bureau, Platinum Speakers and The Right Address.

TV Presenting

As an established and experienced presenter, over the years and a number of career roles Laurence has honed the skills to professionally present and promote products, services and wider brands to their target audiences. Whether you are looking for a professional presenter to front your in-house training materials, client interviews, corporate videos, case studies or wider YouTube channels, Laurence utilises a versatile approach that’s call upon a variety of modern media techniques.

Laurence provides an incredible opportunity to get seen both online and offline, and his exceptional presenting skills ensure your audience is left captivated and enthused. Laurence’s experience in the advertising, marketing and PR world make him the ideal partner to put your company and its key messages on the map, and his unrivalled reputation has seen him work with a number of international organisations and UK businesses.

Laurence’s adaptable, personable and professional style has seen him front a number of regional, national and international campaigns, and his versatile portfolio ensures Laurence is the right man for the job, whatever your aims.

Laurence encompasses his experience as a professional keynote speaker, interviewer and conference facilitator to present to perfection. As a sales and marketing specialist, Laurence is also adept in delivering a great presentation or pitch on the small screen to ensure you win the business you deserve.

Making corporate videos, training resources and YouTube channels shine isn’t always easy but Laurence’s presenting skills ensure your organisation can put its best face forward. Whether you are an established company or a venture just starting out, Laurence’s presenting packages ensure your in-house training, corporate or promotional YouTube videos are powerful, persuasive and professionally delivered.

Take a look at Laurence in action here:




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