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In 2016, digital marketing continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down.  A number of articles have recently appeared highlighting some of the issues facing inefficient digital marketers. Let’s take an overview of a couple of the most common pitfalls.


The Drum notes, “Many operators are dangerously over-claiming what they can deliver, creating confusion, unrealistic expectations and frequently poor outcomes for budget holders.”

Examples of this include sites that aggressively retarget consumers, viewability (websites that are not responsive to all devices), clickbait and intrusive pop-ups are all major problems that disrupt the user experience and drive the consumer away.

To make a better first impression, your brand will require a carefully evaluated, cost effective digital marketing strategy prior to beginning your digital marketing campaigns if you want to maximise your spend & reap the rewards.


The Financial Brand recently noted that 11 per cent of all display ads and 23 percent of all video views are clicked on by robots, and  a recent ComScore survey quoted by MarketingLand reported that more than 50 percent of served ad impressions “can’t have an impact” because they’re never seen by human eyes.

It’s a side effect of the advance of programmatic advertising – advertising “untouched by human hands” and “with no regard for context”. The alternative? “Content marketing is inherently better”, the article concludes. “It builds a relationship and a dialogue within the framework of your brand, and if you provide consumers with relevant content, you can lead them to commerce”. Basic ad serving, The Drum concurs, is “still the atom at the core of digital marketing”.

Are you making any of the marketing mistakes mentioned above? You can’t just dive into marketing without a well thought-out marketing strategy.


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