City businessman travels to Downing Street to lobby the Chancellor in advance of Autumn Statement

Photo Caption: L-R (9th in row) Harri Lloyd Davies & a delegation from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) with the Chancellor at No 11.

The Autumn Statement is always a much anticipated event for businesses throughout the UK, and this year’s is no exception. With the publication date recently announced, city businessman and Partner at Bevan & Buckland Harri Lloyd Davies has taken this opportunity to travel to No. 11 Downing Street to lobby on behalf of Welsh businesses prior to the Autumn Statement’s release on 23rd November 2016.

Attending the BCC roundtable, Harri joined fellow directors, presidents and MDs to lobby Chancellor Phillip Hammond in advance of the publication of his first Autumn Statement.

“The Chancellor invited a delegation from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) to get the views of businesses ahead of his Autumn Statement, and I was asked by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce to represent them. After meeting at No.11, myself and fellow meeting attendees got to work on the big issues affecting business owners across the country, which included the Brexit and its impact on future funding, as well as trade and regulation, tax simplification, and the need for more infrastructure spending,” said Harri.

Whilst our recent departure from the European Union was the main topic of discussion, it was strictly business in the spotlight. During the roundtable, Harri and other attending business leaders asked for a commitment to no tax rises or regulations which increase costs significantly for the remainder of parliament, however only time will tell as to whether Mr Hammond will fulfil these in the upcoming statement.

Harri added, “Business in Wales is of course a topic that I am truly passionate about and during the roundtable event I emphasised the importance of continuing to receive European money in Wales until 2020. Given the current low unemployment rates, labour shortages are possibly going to be an issue so restrictions on free movement of people could hamper Welsh businesses.”

The BCC roundtable is just one of the many events taking place at the Treasury and Downing Street to enable the Chancellor to listen to the views of British businesses, particularly in respect of leaving the EU, ahead of his first Autumn Statement.

“My message to businesses is clear: In our negotiations to leave the EU, we will work hard to get the best deal for Britain and that includes ensuring that British companies can continue to trade with the single market in goods and services. We will continue to move forward positively and make the most of the opportunities that our departure presents by getting out and doing business across the globe, while at home building a Britain that works for everyone,” said the Chancellor.

“It was good to see the Chancellor listening to the views of businesses and taking the time to make sure the UK gets the best result from Brexit. Whilst Brexit will lead to uncertainty, which is not something business welcomes, I hope that the Autumn Statement will not see any major changes to business regulation or tax which will at least give businesses more certainty on their short term prospects,” concluded Harri.


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