Laurence Winmill

After leaving the corporate publishing world in 2001, Laurence enjoyed a 3-year spell in pharmaceuticals before going onto create Swansea Life & Swansea Bay Business Life. The titles have since been acquired by the Trinity Mirror Group. In 2010 he set up a full service media agency specialising in PR, Advertising & Marketing, with a series of offices along the M4 corridor helping to develop regional campaigns for successful brands.

In addition to his roles as M4 Media’s Managing Director, keynote speaker and author (Laurence penned a book entitled ‘Live Your Life’, which has become an essential guide to personal and business success for many), in 2016 Laurence became CEO at David Spear Commercial Vehicles. The highly successful business has since gone from strength to strength utilising the latest digital techniques to transform the company and its processes from the grassroots up.

Thanks to the correct use of digital technology, plus his own skills, qualities and experience as a transformational leader, Laurence helped the company realise impressive figures, and surpass subsequent targets and milestones. David Spear Commercial Vehicles celebrated its most successful year to date in 2017, recording a revenue increase of 28% while achieving unit sales growth of 30%. During this period a number of strategic and tactical action plans were put into place, with a heavy relevance on digital and customer service at their forefront.

With support from the David Spear team, Laurence accelerated the integration of a Dealer Management System, including CRM, to maximise lead conversion whilst managing costs and profit per vehicle. A dynamic, new and already successful website was also launched, with the platform further harnessing the full value of digital technology to enhance user experience. The digitalisation of David Spear under Laurence’s direction has propelled the company to new heights to realise more than increased revenue.

From 2018 Laurence aims to focus on his consultancy work and the continued development of M4 Media which will deliver traditional and digital marketing solutions to all business types, whilst providing a bespoke agency service for automotive dealers.

In his spare time, he relaxes with his family, is an avid Chelsea fan, works out at the gym and enjoys as much travel and adventure as his busy life allows.


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