Don’t hyper-target … hyper-personalize

An interesting post from Adweek recently reported that ‘A Hyper-Targeted Audience Is Not Necessarily the Right Audience’, and that marketers need to focus on “people, not proxies”. The article goes on to explain that while “targeting is a valuable tool for marketers, its lack of context and accuracy annoys consumers to the point where they’re opting out of ads altogether, […]

The importance of blogging for business

Whatever the size of your business, blogging is integral to your digital marketing strategy. In today’s content-driven world, where audiences spend over ten hours a day consuming digital media, you need to provide relevant content for your actual and potential customers. Blogs are an easy-to-use, extremely effective (CMS content management system) and are one of the best ways for an […]

Storytelling in the digital age

Storytelling has always been mankind’s means of communication ever since cave paintings were the original ‘social media’! But what do content marketers mean when they talk about storytelling, such as in this recent article from Copyblogger for example? You have probably seen this phrase crop up a lot in recent years. Storytelling is an effective way of engaging with your […]


Photo: Laurence Winmill, MD of M4 Media In 2016, digital marketing continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down.  A number of articles have recently appeared highlighting some of the issues facing inefficient digital marketers. Let’s take an overview of a couple of the most common pitfalls. OVERSERVING The Drum notes, “Many operators are dangerously over-claiming what they can […]

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